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Here are the categories that should test the water they use –

Households and Societies

Hospitals and Restaurants

Companies and Industries

.. Schools and .. Colleges

Types Of Water Testing In Bangalore

3 Ways to Improve Water Quality At Your Home & Office

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water testing FAQ   Some FAQs

Water Testing is the analysis of the water quality for Domestic (consumption) or Industrial use against set parameters for your safety

Water Testing is needed to check whether the water quality which is consumed or used for daily chores is of good quality for hygiene and health of people. Not just water-borne diseases, but allergies, skin disorders, accumulation of metals in the body, etc.

Many People use bore water for drinking and cooking. Borewell Water test is done as it is groundwater that has been accessed by drilling a bore into underground water storages called aquifers.
The Contamination can take place underground. You can observe the changes in appearance or odour which can indicate contamination. Bore water should never be used for drinking, cooking, watering edible plants or filling up swimming pools unless it has been tested by a certified laboratory.

Whenever you find that your bore water is has a particular taste, coloured (Red , Brown) or you develop an itch while using this Water, one should get the bore water tested. You should also periodically continue to do so, while maintaining the records of the same.

Testing against the parameters such as pH, Total alkalinity, Total Hardness, Odour, Colour, Silica and Microbial Parameter Such as E.coli, Coliform etc. There are many other parameters that the water sample is tested against. This help to know the quality of water and avoid any damage to the health of the people.

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