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Borewell Water Testing in Bangalore

Many People in parts of Bengaluru use bore water for drinking and other daily chores. Borewell Water testing is done as it is a groundwater that has been accessed by drilling a bore into underground water storages called aquifers.

The Contamination can be estimated when there are changes in appearance or odour. Bore water may be contaminated and unsafe to use without preliminary treatments. It should never be used for drinking, cooking, watering edible plants or filling up swimming pools unless it has been tested by a specialist laboratory.

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Borewell Water Testing is the complete analysis of the water quality checked against several parameters either for consumption (and Domestic) or for Industrial use to ensure safety of people and life.

Borewell Water testing in Bengaluru is to check whether the water consumed or used for other chores is of good quality. This ensures that that the water is treated and/or obtained from a safe source.

Many People use borewell water for their consumption and domestic requirements. Borewell Water testing is done as it is a groundwater that has been accessed by drilling a bore into underground water storages called aquifers.

Whenever you find that your borewell water gives off unpleasant odour, has a particular colour (Red, Brown) or you develop itching while using this water, you should get borewell water tested. It should be done periodically and also the records should be aptly documented.

There are as many as 18 chemical and biological parameters against which the water sample can be tested. These parameters may differ as per the change in the requirements, for eg., swimming pools.

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Borewell water testing in Bangalore detects quite a few adverse health effects associated with the contaminants found in Water Samples :

Local Impurities :

  • Ground water quality varies from place to place depending on the geographical location.
  • This determines the presence or absence of natural impurities such as nutrients from rocks and soil, heavy metals, radon gas, boron, selenium and proximity to farming and other industries.
  • For example, in some parts of India and Australia, concentrations of naturally occurring elements such as arsenic, fluoride and uranium, or nitrates from agricultural land uses, may exceed safe levels (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2004).

Microbial Contamination :

  • Microorganisms may grow as a result of seepage from septic tanks or manure from livestock and domestic animals or from sewage water contamination.
  • Microorganisms are a nuisance even during drought conditions due to shallow water or they can be introduced into the well from flooding.

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