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Construction Water Testing In Bangalore

Water is one of the most important elements in construction but people still ignore quality aspect of this element. The water is required for preparation of mortar, mixing of cement concrete and for curing work etc during construction work. The quality and quantity of water has much effect on the strength of mortar and cement concrete in construction work. And that’s why construction water testing is very important.

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Water Can get dirty by the following way:

3 Ways to Improve Water Quality At Your Home & Office

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Water used for constuction should be clean and free from injurious quantities of alkalies, acids, oils , salts, sugar, organic materials, vegetable growth or other substances. So that they may be deleterious to bricks, stone, concrete or steel. Construction Water testing in Bangalore test for all the water samples before the construction working started.

Effects of water if the quality of water is not good for construction purpose?

It has been observed that certain common impurities in water affect the quality of mortar or concrete. Many times in spite of using best material i.e. cement, coarses and, coarse aggregate etc. in cement concrete, required results are not achieved.This may due to low water quality is used so we need do construction water test.

Most of the Construction Water Testing In Bangalore check for following parameters:

  • pH value test
  • Limits of acidity test
  • Limits of alkalinity test
  • Percentage of solids

Start Testing your water quality now, Know all the remaining parameters and find labs for Construction Water testing in Bangalore.

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