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Tap Water Testing In Bangalore

Tap water testing is important as it is majorly used for drinking and cooking in households. This water is also used for bathing and in the washroom. Hence, it is important that this tap water be potable and free of harmful impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Also called as city water or municipal water, it is often culturally assumed to be potable water. Hence tap water testing should be regularly done and monitored.

Water used for household chores comes from many sources. Rivers, lakes, ponds – all can be an active source of tap water. This water, without preliminary treatment might contain faecal contamination. Hence, tap water can be used for drinking purpose only after it is tested and deemed okay for human use.

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Tap water can get contaminated due to improper construction of pipelines, cross contamination of sewage with drinking water due to close proximity of pipes. This gives bad taste, odour, etc to the water.

In the age when bottled water is readily available, many people are wary of what comes from their kitchen faucet. Given that drinking tap water is far less expensive than regularly buying bottled water, it is worthwhile to find out what is coming from the tap at the kitchen sink and whether or not it is healthy to drink.

Contaminants typically found in tap water include Mercury, Copper, microorganisms, and numerous kinds of disinfectants, fertilizers, and medications.

Always give the water sample in fresh clean bottle so that it does not get contaminated with alien particles and the results shown are only of the water sample.

3 Ways to Improve Water Quality At Your Home & Office

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4 ways of Tap Water Testing In Bangalore :

  1. Fill a clean, clear glass with water from your tap
  2. Hold the glass up to the light and take a look at the water: Is it clear or cloudy? Can you see particles floating in the water or settling to the bottom of the glass? Anything other than clear liquid could be a sign of bacterial or particulate contamination.
  3. Smell the water: Does it smell like rotten eggs or anything unpleasant? These odours could indicate the presence of high chlorine content, organic solvents, or naturally-occurring sulfur.
  4. Mail or take the sample(s) of your water to a tap water testing laboratory for analysis.
  • Based on results, buy a home water filtering system or talk to someone at your water
  • Utility for other purifying options they can recommend.

Water is mankind’s most precious resource, and one of the most important necessities for existence of Human Life.

Unfortunately it is often contaminated with impurities such as organic, inorganic contaminants and microorganisms. Over 80% of all Infectious Diseases are caused by Water Borne Contaminants.Without good water supplies, people can succumb to many kinds of illnesses.

This is why Tap Water Testing is so important.As many as 18 chemical and microbiological parameters can the water be tested for to check its quality and potability.

Here are the categories that should test the water they use –

Households and Societies

Hospitals and Restaurants

Companies and Industries

Schools and Colleges

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