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Well Water Testing in Bengaluru

Water used for household purposes comes from many sources. Well water comes from sources beneath the Earth’s surface known as groundwater, which includes porous water-bearing formations as well as underground springs. That’s why well water testing is very important. Additionally, the means of bringing the water up out of the well to the surface is a part of where the well water comes from. Two types of methods exist to bring water up from the well: self-rising artesian wells and wells that use some kind of pumping action to raise the water.

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water testing FAQ    Some FAQs

Equinox is the best option for well water testing in Bangalore.

Periodic testing help you keep safe from the diseases causes due to water.

Covering the well with the net will help you to protect the well from any insects to get inside it .or periodic cleaning is very essential for the private as well as the public wells as the water is used for any purpose.

Poor quality water can be responsible for slow growth, poor aesthetic quality of the crop,Screen or circle channels function admirably for generally applications.

After doing the testing from an laboratory with standard which they follow will help to know whether to drink the water or not.

The Charges are differ from lab to lab and the standards and Accrediation which the lab has.

Depend on the type of well and the age of well, there may a several reason to get the well water dirty or contaminate .Routine water testing or contaminated. Routine maintenance and water testing to check for chemical balance and unwanted contaminants will help ensure clean water and a longer well life.

3 Ways to Improve Water Quality At Your Home & Office

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Water testing labs in bangalore

A well water can be used for drinking purpose once it done testing Laboratory :

Most of the Well Water Testing In Bangalore check for following parameters:

  • Taste

  • Odour

  • Color

  • Texture

  • Total Alkality

  • Total Hardness

  • Turbidity

  • Magnesium

  • Microbial parameters such as E-coli, Coliform

Start Testing your water quality now, Know all the remaining parameters and find labs for Well Water testing in Bangalore.

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